Life happens—and not always according to plan. Our knowledgeable, service-oriented staff will help you brace for the unexpected and choose the right insurance coverage to suit your needs. From life insurance and living benefits to health plans and annuities, Caldwell Insurance Services helps you create a more secure future—for yourself and for your family. 

Life Insurance

Whether it’s for you or your business, choosing the right life-insurance policy can seem complicated. Your Caldwell Insurance Services representative is here to navigate you every step of the way, ensuring that you make an informed and thorough decision. We can help you with:

  • Whole life insurance: the most basic and consistent permanent life insurance that you can buy.
  • Universal life insurance: similar to whole life insurance, but with more flexibility to meet the long-term financial needs of affluent individuals and business owners.
  • Term insurance: offering the flexibility to change your policy, as your needs change. It is often the ideal solution to protect individuals and their families.

Connect with a Caldwell Insurance Representative, to create the plan that works best for you—and your loved ones.

Living Benefits

Accidents and illnesses are an unfortunate (and unexpected) part of life. And, whether short- or long-term, the financial impact can be devastating. Protecting yourself with the right insurance—particularly if you are self-employed or without coverage from an employer—will help you weather the storm. Options include:

  • Disability Insurance: providing a monthly income in the event that you are unable to work, due to an injury or illness.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: providing you with a lump-sum payment—to allocate exactly as you wish—should you suffer from a covered critical illness.

Call today. As independent brokers, Caldwell Insurance Services representatives will survey all available insurance providers to arrange the most cost-effective plan that works for you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The good news is that Canadians are living longer than ever before. But, as we pass the age of 65, the likelihood of requiring home-based medical and support services, or entering a long-term-care facility, is high.

Long-term-care insurance helps to fill the gaps in existing provincial health-insurance plans, preventing this costly care from draining your savings, assets and retirement income. It also allows you to control your future and limit the burden placed on your loved ones.

Review your options with your Caldwell Insurance Services representative who can help you plan for living a less-worrying, high-quality life.

Hybrid/Combination Insurance

To fully protect you and your loved ones against the financial impact of serious illness, disability or death, you may wish to consider a new hybrid/combination insurance policy.

Hybrid insurance offers the protection of three-in-one convenience: a life-insurance policy, a disability-insurance policy and a critical-illness-insurance policy—all rolled into one easy-to-manage and affordable solution.

Ask your Caldwell Insurance Services representative to tell you which insurance providers are offering this exciting new product and how it might benefit you and your loved ones.

Health and Dental Plans

Whether you are single, raising a young family or nearing retirement, health and dental plans protect you against routine and unexpected health-care expenses that are not covered by your provincial health plan.

There are many different health and dental plans to choose from, which include prescription drugs and dental services, as well as options like vision care, preferred hospital accommodation, registered specialists and therapists, hearing aides and more.

Connect with your Caldwell Insurance Services representative to help you choose the health and dental plan for you, as well as review any current coverage to ensure that it still meets the changing needs of you and your family.


You’ve worked hard to earn the lifestyle you enjoy, and you deserve a stress-free and secure retirement. By selecting the right combination of income options for your retirement years, you can ensure that your golden years are exactly that.

With no market exposure and a guaranteed income, life- or term-certain annuities can bring security to your financial plan. In addition, principal protection can ensure that any remaining principal is passed to beneficiaries, should you pass prematurely. There are a number of options that can bring versatility to your planning and investment needs today, to ensure a carefree retirement tomorrow.

Call your Caldwell Insurance Services representative to help guide you through what may be the most important investment decisions you will ever make.